Rachel sTEWART

21 years old London based, graduated in BA (Hons) Digital Advertising.

Lost? metaphorically speaking, but preferably on a beach with multiple margaritas. Here you'll find the typical cliche blogger topics: Lifestyle / Fashion / Beauty / Travel 


This blog has come to life as a result of my final major project at uni, you can read all about that here: social media isn't real life. After forever having an obsession for photography and design, but always thinking "there isn't a single person that'll be interested in reading it", I thought what do I have to lose? (the mentality that's taken over my life since being at uni). 


What am I doing now I've graduated? Apart from spending every moment procrastinating on Instagram, scrolling every inch of Net-a-Porter, and making endless lists of where I want to go next to satisfy my hotel infatuation, I am freelancing in digital advertising working out what exactly it is I want to do (which btw, is another endless list and obviously need about 20 lifetimes to complete). But in the mean time you can find me rambling on about all my random thoughts and obsessions here.