The Hoxton | Amsterdam


The Hoxton Hotel, Amsterdam

What makes me want travel the world? Of course it's the beautiful sights and cultures the world has to offer but my number one reason is to experience the top hotels (can you imagine how much my bank account is dying at these words). I have always had a fascination with hotels, I'm not sure where it came from but I'm guessing it has something to do with my love of design, a love that definitely hasn't proven cheap. To me a hotel can change your journey, I don't see them as just a place to stay but a place to offer a unique experience. 

When I saw that The Hoxton had opened a hotel in Amsterdam last year I knew I had to go there,  always situated in the trendy, up and coming parts of big cities. I love the Hoxton brand and am regularly in the restaurants and bars they have in London's Holborn and Shoreditch. 

Made up of 5 canal houses, the building was once home to the mayor back in the 17th century. Now it houses 111 rooms with quirky ceilings and canal views from every angle. We stayed in a Cozy Room, the second biggest with plenty of room for two people without getting under each others feet. With the room comes the Hoxton perks: free fresh milk & water, a light breakfast bag, free wi-fi & international calls and a neighbourhood guide. 

From the entrance to the hallways to the bathroom, I fell in love with everything. The stylish interior carries throughout, dark wood with autumnal upholstery doesn't feel out of place even in the summer. The hotel is full of humorous messages where you'd least expect them - the back of the hangers "you look good in this", a hair dryer bag "I'm hot (air)" and a draw labelled "crap". The bed was a dream, the fact is was raining made it almost impossible to drag myself out of (but the pancakes were calling). The only down side was lack of storage space in the room but this wasn't an issue for the length of stay. Downstairs is Lotti's Diner, part of the Soho House Group, serving breakfast and all day dining as well a bar where we came back to every night for a beer to enjoy the hotel atmosphere. 

This hotel is a definite must if you're in Amsterdam!