Hello Amsterdam

I've been loving city breaks recently. Don't get me wrong I love laying on a beach doing nothing but drinking cocktails and getting the perfect Instagrams, but when you're trying to cope with sun allergies sometimes it's nice to not have to stress before hand whether or not you're actually going to be able to enjoy it. 

Amsterdam is only an hour flight from London which makes it great for a mini break. I booked to go, with my brother/unpaid photographer, just a few days before hand (all about last minute trips) because I wanted to explore Amsterdam in warmer weather. I went in October last year underestimated the cold and practically froze to death, it felt more like the arctic than the Netherlands. We went for three days, and of course it rained for three days, typical. The sun made its much appreciated appearance a few hours before we left but I was just grateful it wasn't too cold. 

We came across Pancakes Amsterdam as soon as we stepped out of Amsterdam Central Station, desperate to eat after getting up at an hour that shouldn't even exist (4am) we were amazed to discover they even did gluten free versions, a definite bonus as my brother has a gluten intolerance and you honestly wouldn't believe the struggle of finding gluten free options. We didn't have much of a plan for when we got there - we wanted to explore the streets, admire the canals and just get lost to see what we came across (everything is shot on a Canon 70D or iPhone 6S).

Two must haves when packing for Amsterdam: a backpack, and the comfiest shoes you have -  I learnt this the hard way!


Here is my list of the things you must do in Amsterdam:

  1. Cruise the canals (day/night)
  2. Rent a bike
  3. Anne Frank's House
  4. The Heineken Experience
  5. See the "Art of Banksy" exhibition
  6. Visit Vondel Park
  7. The Red Light District
  8. Visit a "cafe"


It is for sure one of the most beautiful cities and one you cannot get bored of. The peacefulness, yet business of the city and canals is something you can't find anywhere else. The fresh air, flowers and healthy lifestyle are something to appreciate and are why I will be back many more times.